Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Premiers I like and loathe

(The following lists are not in any particular order)

Premiers I like:

1. Lorne Calvert (Saskatchewan, NDP): Adopts a progressive stance on just about every issue, and defends himself well. Good on him.
2. Gary Doer (Manitoba, NDP): Same deal, but a bit better.
3.Dalton McGuinty (Ontario, Liberal): Although his fiscal issues do leave quite a bit to be desired, I like his stance on social issues–––and his overall policy is a breath of fresh air from the Harris-Eves government.
4. Paul Okalik (Nunavut): With the role of premier and three cabinet positions on his belt, along with an honorary degree from Carleton, this guy has my total respect.

Premiers I loathe:

1. Pat Binns (Prince Edward Island, PC): The guy has the smallest province but the largest deficits. If that is not a total accomplishment (heavy sarcasm) I have no idea what is.
2. John Hamm (Nova Scotia, PC): Trying to force nurses to simply go back to work does not get a premier in my good book.
3. Bernard Lord (New Brunswick, PC): And neither is cutting overall health care.
4. Ralph Klein (Alberta, PC): A total d***head, enough said.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Martin's appointments to the Senate: My two cents

Prime Minister Martin has recently appointed two new people to the Senate. I feel it is only fair that I weigh in on both of them for judgment.

Francis Fox: Solicitor General under Pierre Trudeau, resigned due to an abortion-related scandal, but was back in the government from 1980 until 1984. He returned to practising law and later became a business exec, but became an aide to the Prime Minister when he took office in December 2003.
My take: Not much is known about what this guy did in government or as an aide other than the abortion scandal (in which he forged his girlfriend's husband's signature so she could obtain one), so I cannot give this guy a very full assessment. His scandal and status as an insider kind of hurts the trust of the public.
Overall grade: 5/10

Yoine Goldstein: Not much to say. Lawyer and university lecturer. Received two Lord Reading awards. Active in Montréal's Jewish community.
My take: Political outsider and honoured man. He'll win points in his district.
Overall grade:: 8/10

Hurricane Katrina

My dearest wishes go out to those victims of Hurricane Katrina down in Louisiana, in the United States. You are in my prayers.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Liberals work for Saskatchewan

The Tories are going to hurt in Saskatchewan in a looming election. That's because–––contrary to what they say–––the Liberal Party is keeping good on the issue of cities. I am referring to the recent news that Saskatchewan will receive $147 million in infrastructure monies.

CRAP (Conservative Reform Alliance Party) has been successful in Saskatchewan, but this new deal sealed by the Liberal-controlled government will make sure they lose their stronghold.

Well, Tories, it looks like you've lost another election to the Liberals.

Friday, August 19, 2005

The latest polls

Over at Politics Canada, the informational site, the latest data is up, and it still shows the Grits with a strong lead over the Tories. SES displays them as having a 14-point lead, while Strategic Counsel shows the party having an eight-point lead. Either way, the Liberal Party is still in an upswing with Stephen Harper still shooting himself in the foot! I find it absolutely amazing. Last election, he let us define him, now he is still giving himself self-inflicted wounds–––and he has a looming election, no less!

I of course don't find any of this disturbing, mind you. I am perfectly fine with a left-controlled Parliament devoid of Tory influence. A few months ago, people were predicting a Tory minority government. Now, I think they will lose even more seats to the Liberals and NDP.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

And over at Stockwell Day's place...

On Stockwell Day's web site, there is a section of op-eds and such that Stock writes. Well, I came across one entitled, "Martin is giving Canada a bad name." It describes Prime Minister Martin's trip to the G8 Summit this year in Scotland. In the op-ed, Stock talks on and on about how terrible a Prime Minister Paul is, and then compares him with British PM Tony Blair.

Now, upon reading this (in fact, it hit me just reading the title), I have a single thought: Mr. Day, if the Liberal Party is giving Canada such a bad name, why don't you move away?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Something strange is going on...

...at the Conservative Party of Canada's web site. You see, I went to their founding principles section, and I noticed some key things they supposedly believe, but I can definitely prove otherwise. Let's analyze, shall we?

1. "A belief that the quality of the environment is a vital part of our heritage to be protected by each generation for the next."

Two words: Kyoto Protocol. I do not think that a party in support of the environment would be in opposition of the Kyoto Protocol.

2. "A belief that Canada should accept its obligations among the nations of the world."

Let's face it. This pretty much means, "We want to make sure Canada kneels down in front of the Bush Administration and other blowhards." I mean, the Progressive Conservative/Canadian Alliance parties would have sent troops to Iraq because that is what Tony and George wanted.

3. "A belief that all Canadians should have reasonable access to quality health care regardless of their ability to pay."

Doesn't the CPC want to partially privatize health care? Hmm... I'll let you figure that one out.

4. "A belief that good and responsible government is attentive to the people it represents and has representatives who at all times conduct themselves in an ethical manner and display integrity, honesty and concern for the best interest of all."

Refer my previous post about Cheryl and Bill. Or refer to the news of "Na na na na, na na na na, hey, hey, hey..."

5. "A belief in the equality of all Canadians."

Stephen Harper once said "Fundamental civil rights are not a magician's hat from which new rabbits can constantly be pulled" in reference to same-sex marriage. This quote alone contradicts this statement."

Finally, I'll close by showing an a creepy image of Stephen Harper:

I can hear him thinking: "Take a BIG risk... elect me Prime Minister..."

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ugh, how I loathe her

Will Cheryl Gallant ever shut up? I personally hope that Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke will come it's freakin' senses in the upcoming 2006 election and get her the heck out of the House of Commons before she tears it down one day with her rantings and insults.

In a previous post, I talked about how Gallant supported the war in Iraq but then used the beheading of an American in Iraq to compare to abortion. Well, it is that and, digging once again from the dustbin of history, she once called my good friend Bill Graham a homosexual. "Go ask your boyfriend," the then-Foreign Affairs Minister was told in 2002. (I can safely say, judging from what I've read in reputable sources, that she probably reads too much of Frank.)

I know that this may seem like a rumor floating about, but I do think that this bout of laryngitis was something she used to avoid going into public to face criticism.

And the latest: She now says that the Liberal Party persecutes Christians. If that is the case, then that means there is a Grit advisor knocking on my door hoping to take me away. Yes, I am sure.

Ottawa, do us all a favor and kick Cheryl Gallant out of office.